Conservation Genetics Course: Africa

Course background:

The American Genetic Association in conjunction with the University of Pretoria is presenting a 10 day intensive course May 15th through May 25th, 2013, at the Southern African Wildlife College in South Africa. The course will be directed by Dr. Stephen J. O'Brien, and taught by renowned scientists in methods, interpretation, and applications of molecular genetic analyses for conservation of endangered species, who will also share a variety of their personal experiences in this important field.


15 to 25 May 2013.


The Southern African Wildlife College is situated within the 16 000ha Kempiana Game Reserve which shares an unfenced boundary with the Kruger National Park and Timbivati Game Reserve.

Who should apply:

Applicants should be conservation-minded scientists (advanced graduate students, post-docs, teachers, and researchers with advanced degrees) from academia, government, NGOs, or industry who are studying the genetics of endangered species and who will apply the knowledge gained from this course to the conservation of such species. 


The cost per participant will be $1850 and will include your accommodation, all meals and travel from and to the airport. Partial or full scholarships may be awarded to registered students. Scholarships will be allocated on the basis of the applicant's CV as well as information contained in the application form. If granted, scholarships will be awarded as a complete or partial refund of the tuition for those applicants who have already submitted their payment.

Application forms:

Please complete the application form and submit together with a CV to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Payment must be made in full using the Regsitration link that will only be made available after successful applicants have been notified. Successful applicants will be notified via email and will be sent additional course information and they must ensure that they check the following list;

For field trips:

Comfortable hiking shoes, long pants, high socks (to keep the bigs off the legs), sunscreen and a hat, binoculars and a camera (if you want), swimsuit, shorts and t-shirts (dress is casual, you can leave your tux at home), sandals.

For Class:

Laptop - while you will have computers for the course, we would recommend that you bring your own laptop so that you can load all the programs on it and be sure that they are up and running before you leave.

A talk or presentation to tell the rest of the students and lecturing staff about you and your research in 2 - 3 minutes. 

Number of students:

A maximum of 30 students will be accepted for the course.

Organizing committee:

Stephen J. O'Brien

Warren Johnson
Eduardo Eizirik
Cindy Harper